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Having thermal plates at home is a way to have clean and efficient energy. 

¿How it works and what is the benefits do I have buying this product?

Thermal plates is fed by the sun (uv rays) to generate heat, this used for the domestic consumption either to heat water or cook daily.

We have collectors of low, medium and high temperatures. The low  collectors usually used to heat only water or air just one of them, while medium collectors heat both of them. High temperature heaters move faster generating power on an industrial level.

Once the solar energy is collected, it begins to convert the solar energy to thermal energy and increasing the temperature.

Ok, let´s pay attention, to get an idea about the process of generating thermal energy, the solar collectors that we had previously named are in charge of capturing all possible solar radiation, based on their already specified capacities. From this point on, the process of converting solar energy begins, through various systems.

When the solar energy is already collected and the solar collectors connected to each other, it have the mission of transforming energy received in thermal energy, increasing the temperature of the circulates fluids through the nstallation.

The recharge of thermal energy has a easy process to carry out, It´s one of the best sellers and requested in the market, for your clean and green energy that emits.

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