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With COSTA ENERGIA you are a person – not a number.

We know how frustrated you are with your energy bills. Very little transparency, hard to understand and with a non-existing or very poor customer service.
This is why COSTA ENERGIA was born. To make your life easier.
We take pride in offering the best prices and customer service in the Spanish market, offering a wide range of products, some of never been launched in Spain before.

Choose the solution which best suits your needs

Send us your electricity bill and start saving


COSTA ENERGÍA electricity tariffs

Pay only the net price and a small monthly fee for our services


COSTA ENERGÍA electricity tariffs

Pay a fixed price to make sure that your energy bill is more alike every month


COSTA ENERGÍA electricity tariffs

Pay the market price, in addition to a small margin for our services

Now is the moment.
Change to an energy provider you understand and that understands you and get the best prices in the market.

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