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Save Energy

Saving energy is important for the environment. We, as an energy supplier, take our responsibility to protect the environment very seriously. Therefore, we care more about the conservation of the environment than the profits for the shareholders, unlike the larger companies in the energy industry.

At COSTA ENERGIA we believe that electricity should be consumed in moderation and with care. In an attempt to create a cleaner environment and to provide you with a cheaper electricity bill at the end of the month, we give you some practical tips that can help you to cut down on your energy consumption.

First of all, you might want to consider to renew or modify your electrical device. All devices have a classification that indicates their efficiency of the energy consumption with respect to the environment. Seven letters are used for the different levels of electricity consumption, starting with (A), which is the most efficient, up to (G), which is the least efficient. In addition, the categories A + and A ++ are the most energy efficient.

See below the energy label of the energy consumption of traditional home appliances:

Practical tips

Having energy saving habits and using your appliances efficient helps to save money on your electricity bill. For this reason, we provide you with our best tips to save energy in your home:

  1. Change all light bulbs for LED bulbs– consume up to 90% less.
  2. Create more space around the fridge and freezer– up to 17% savings.
  3. Repair/close airflow entries in doors, walls, and windows– save up to 20%.
  4. Use heat pumps instead of radiators or stoves– save up to 60%.
  5. Hang your clothes to dry, instead of using the dryer– 100%.
  6. Avoid so-called ‘ground leaks’. Which means, that when all the electrical appliances and lights have been turned off, the measuring disk keeps turning.
  7. Installpresence detectors in corridors, garages and other common areas, that turn on and off the light automatically based on presence in an area.
  8. Turn off electronic equipmentsuch as televisions, video game consoles, chargers, sound equipment’s etc., when they are not in use.  It will not only save you energy, but it will also prolong its lifespan.
  9. Clean the dust from the lamps regularly, to avoid that the accumulation of dust blocks the light.
  10. Have good insulationin the walls, doors, and windows to optimize the temperature regulation in the house.
  11. Regulate the temperature of the refrigerator and freezer correctly, as these appliances consume a lot of electricity (around 30% of your energy bill). Set the fridge at +5 degrees, and the refrigerator at -18 degrees.
  12. Heating Lower the temperature inside the house by one degree, it can reduce the heating expenses by 5%. Note, that the warmth diffuses better in the rooms when there’s no furniture in front of the radiators.
  13. Hot water Reduce your water consumption by installing low consumption nozzles in the shower and faucets; it can reduce your water consumption by half. Also, set the temperature of the water heater to maximum 60 degrees.
  14. Devices in the stand-by position Devices in the waiting position consume electricity unnecessarily. Use a multiple plug with a switch off button to disconnect all the standby devices when they are not in use. Connect all the devices with remote control, computer or battery charger.
  15. Preparing food To boil water using an electric kettle is the most energy saving way to boil water. When you cook, you should use a lid on the pan, it saves 30% more energy compared to cooking without a lid. Also remember to defrost your frozen food in the fridge a few hours before cooking instead of using the 
  16. microwave to defrost your food.
  17. Food preservation• The refrigerator and freezer are big energy consumers, as they are always connected. When you want to change them, choose a model of low energy consumption marked with A + or A certification.
  18. Washing dishes and clothes When you use the dishwasher or washing machine wait until it’s completely full to run the 
  19. machine. Besides that, put the cycle on ‘eco’ and lower the water temperature.
  20. Drying clothes  Centrifuge your laundry in the washing machine on high speed, it will dry your clothes much faster when you hang them up – this way you don’t have to use the dryer.
  21. New forms of energy If you are a house owner it is profitable to connect to a central heating network. You could also install a pellet system or a heat pump, which also provides a great environmental benefit; or use direct heat or fuel. Consider complementing the chosen form of energy with solar thermal energy.

At COSTA ENERGIA we care for our consumers, that’s why we encourage you to apply the tips from above. You will notice the effect of using less electricity in a reduced electricity bill. Besides that, you do your part in conserving the environment.

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