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Save Energy

It may not be exactly what you expect to hear from your electricity company, but we are just as interested in leaving a healthy planet to our children and grandchildren as you are, and as an electricity company, we are the closest to taking the lead. That is why you also buy exclusively green energy from Costa Energía.

 And that is also why we dedicate ourselves to advising on and selling energy-saving products such as solar panels for heating water or generation of electricity. You can read more about that here (link to web)

 But you don´t have to take such drastic action at all to make a significant saving on your household’s energy consumption. Below you will find some good tips on how to save energy on a daily basis.

 You can e.g. start by looking at what electrical appliances you have in your household.

 All appliances have an assessment that indicates their efficiency in terms of energy consumption, ie how “green” they are. Seven letters are used to indicate the different levels of electricity consumption, starting with (A), which is the most efficient, to (G), the least efficient. In addition, the A + and A ++ categories are the most energy efficient and recommendable products. We reproduce the table in Spanish, as that is the language you encounter in the shops.

But you can also follow the advice below and save even more on energy:

  1. Switch to LED lights if you have not already done so. It is by far the best energy investment you can make
  2. Replace your dear old washing machine. It uses more power than you expect, and you also have to repair it all the time. Savings 40-50%
  3. Are you living in a typical Spanish property, you can probably save a lot of money by checking how well insulated your doors and windows are. Especially the doors tend to be leaky or completely without insulation, especially down towards the floor. Savings up to 25%
  4. Make sure that your refrigerator or freezer is not squeezed to tight in between other furniture, but has some air around it. It can save up to 17% of its energy consumption
  5. Replace your expensive radiation with heat pumps. It can give you a saving of up to 60%
  6. In sunny Spain, it is often faster to dry clothes outside, so why use the dryer. Saving 100%
  7. Check if you have electrical appliances running without knowing it. Turn everything off and see if your meter continues to count. If it continues to count, there is a device that is using power that you may not are aware of.
  8. If you live in a large home, you can advantageously install motion sensors that regulate the temperature or alternatively program when your heating / cooling appliances should be switched on.
  9. Turn off your TV, radio, video games, etc. when not in use. Not only does it save power, it also extends the life of the appliances.
  10. Wipe your bulbs regularly. It makes them more efficient and also provides a better light
  11. If your property allows it, make sure you have a good cavity wall insulation
  12. Refrigerators and freezers often account for up to 30% of a household´s energy consumption. It might be worth keeping an eye on whether they are regulated correctly: +5 degrees in the refrigerator and -18 in the freezer.
  13. Heat. If you lower the temperature 1 degree, you can save up to 5%. It is a good idea to make sure that there is no furniture in front of radiators or other heat sources
  14. Hot water. It is a good investment to buy thermal solar panels to heat the house’s domestic water. It saves on your electricity bill and makes your property “greener” and more valuable. Your water heater should not heat the water up to more than 60 degrees, preferably less.
  15. Stand-by lamps also use power. Avoid having too many turned on
  16. An old electric water heater is the most expensive way to heat water. Switch to a newer, water heater or even better: a heat pump
  17. Natural gas is not green energy, even if it sounds like it. You can save energy and make your property greener by replacing your natural gas system with heat and water with heat pumps and thermal solar panels.
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