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Our long experience will benefit you.

Costa Energía has been an ever present body in the Costa Del Sol since the liberalisation of the Spanish electricity market in (do you have a date?) 

We have been through it all with our customers over the years, which is why we know better than most how best to deal with the ups and the downs of the Spanish electricity market so it impacts you, the customer in the right way..    

Even though such drastic changes in electricity prices and constant changes in legislation have been an ever present problem in Spain since day 1, we have learned that it is important to be at the forefront of legislation, creating open discussions within the industry to try keep ahead of the trend and ensure there is a brighter future for the industry and the people it effects the the most- you the consumer.  you can read more about this here.

Quick updates are essential

We are therefore always up to date, not only with the changes and the future of the market, but we also have the infrastructure, software and billing systems to support you, ensuring we always do the ‘right thing’ legally and morally. It gives our customers the easiest possible everyday life with electricity. It also gives us the advantage that we can warn and/or advise our customers about changes and what impact they might have for the consumer, before they are published as BOE’s (State Bulletins) and the media begins to take an interest in the cases. 

Scandinavian service concept 

Costa Energía’s Danish roots are what ensure you receive a transparent electricity price, bills that are understandable and, above all, focused on customer service and efficiency in our communication – something that remains a non existent part at most electricity companies in Spain. But the difference between a good and a bad electricity supplier is the customer service and we are determined to be best at customer service. 

About our blogs 

It´s not our fault!

The independent electricity company is actually the most challenged party in the crisis: the increase in price is happening at the wholesale level, and those who earn the pennies on the high prices are those who produce electricity, not those who sell to end users. 

Development in electricity Dec. 2018

This has been a “wild” development, and the futures market has also totally underestimated how the market would develop. Even at the end of June, when we started to see the writing on the wall. The table below shows a slight snip of futures (pre purchased electricity) developments from the end of June, to the real prices paid and then futures from yesterday, to the final months of the year.  

The effect of Sanchez’s “Shock interventions” against extremely high electricity prices

Last week, the Spanish government’s so-called shock-intervention on high electricity prices came on the market, and Sanchez and his Sanchizos promise that the measures mentioned will reduce your invoice by about 25% 

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