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Costa Energía

Let's buy your power for you –so you only pay the cost price.

With Costa Energía you only pay the cost price of your electricity. We purchase the electricity for you and invoice you the cost price, and for that service, you pay a small fixed monthly fee of 4€ per month (+IVA) 

About us

Our long experience benefits you.

Costa Energía has been an integral part of the Spanish electricity market since the deregulation of the market in 2010. We have tried it all, which is why we know better than many others what is up and down the Spanish electricity market. 


Spanish electricity market 

To understand how the electricity market works, it’s important to separate the four main units that operate together to deliver your electricity. 

1. Electricity producers

2. Electricity distributors

3. Electricity companies (electricity suppliers) – “Comercializadores

4. The Power Exchange – OMIE


Our long experience benefits you.

Even though such drastic changes in electricity prices and constant changes in legislation have been an ever present problem in Spain since day 1, we have learned that it is important to be at the forefront of legislation, creating open discussions within the industry to try keep ahead of the trend and ensure there is a brighter future for the industry and the people it effects the the most- you the consumer.

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